Carpet Cleaning Services

When the unthinkable happens and stuck dealing with water damage to your home or business, it’s going to be an overwhelming situation. It’s essential to know how to deal with the damage. You are going to need a plan to fix water damage, and know when to call in a professional.

The most asked questions we get as water damage repair experts is how to deal with water-damaged to carpeting. What can you can do to dry the wet carpet, or will I need to replace it?

Instead of panicking continue to read on and learn what options you have with handling water-damaged carpeting.

First Step: Assess the Situation

Before you make any attempt to dry the carpeting, you will need to evaluate the situation. Ask yourself, is the source of water that caused the damage been identified? Is it even safe for you to try attempt repairing the water damaged carpeting on your own, or are there hazardous involved like mold? Has the water leak been repaired?

If you plan to save the carpet rather than replace it, you will need to know if the water that caused the damage came from a clean source. This is called category one water. The source of category one water is usually from broken pipes (not sewer), rain or snow, and supply lines. If the water came from any other source saving the carpet is not recommended.

Carpet damaged by a flood can become especially toxic. Floodwaters are classified as category 3. It can contain the most hazardous types of contaminants, including life-threatening bacteria and mold spores. Never attempt to clean and reuse carpet that was damaged by floodwaters.

Once you understand what kind of water damage you are dealing with, you can figure out how to dry carpet. If you decide to not call a professional to clean your carpoet, we advise that you wear protective gear like a gloves, mask, and boots, The protective equipment will help to protect your from hazards that may be in or on the carpet.

Another thing to keep in mind, while the carpet is whet keep people off of the carpet as much as possible.

Start Drying the Damaged Carpet As Soon As Possible

Carpet that is water damaged carpeting can quickly grow mold. To prevent this from occurring you should start drying the carpet immediately. To best success of saving your carpeting you want the carpet to be completely dry in 48 hours or less. You need to suck as much water out of your carpet with a wet/dry vacuum or a rental carpet cleaning machine. Use a tool that can cover the area with sufficient suction. 

Unfortunately it isn’t always possible to remove the water from carpet. Sometimes you may not realize water damage until a while after it occurred. Occasionally because of the amount of carpet or water you may have trouble trying to get it dry. Just move as fast as you can and if it gets to be too much call in a professional help.